Of course, Pepper is greater than advertising. If there was no pepper, Columbus wouldn’t have sailed and gone searching for India. He wouldn’t have stumbled on to the shores of America, said hello to Chief Sitting Bull of the Red Indians, and inspired people to settle across the land. He also wouldn’t have shot all the buffalo , laid railway lines, set up trading posts, sparked o industrialization, created all sorts of products, thought of marketing, discovered the power of advertising, founded Madison Avenue, established the culture of awards, exported all of that to India, made Indian advertising participate in award shows, and eventually triggered the birth of Pepper Awards in the capital of spices. As you can now see, logically and without much exaggeration, Pepper easily establishes itself as the prime reason why advertising began in the first place. And why we truly believe it’s seriously greater than advertising. 🙂 No pepper, no advertising. Simble.

And those who know pepper know that the best is available
only once in a year.
We invite entries for this year’s Pepper Awards

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